A Curious Absence of Outrage

Our Democracy Has Been Hacked to the Sound Of Silence 

On both sides of the Atlantic in 2016 our democracies were hacked on a massive scale . Using the same techniques , often driven by the same people . The facts are not in doubt . In the U.K. 3 investigations continue. People are in power who wouldn’t have been but for the hacking . 

Policies are being followed on both sides of the Atlantic which align closely with Russian strategic interests . Broadly to weaken the effectiveness of both EU and NATO . Mueller demonstrates the sheer extent of contact and cooperation between Team Trump and Russia . All that was missing was a document recording the 21st Century equivalent of the Molotov – Ribbentrop Pact.  

If there were an election tomorrow the same hacking could take place . No change to a U.K. Regulatory Framework which the Regulator itself is inadequate 

All of this is met with the Sound of Silence  .Where is the outrage? Why is the Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition not daily demanding action and pillorying the Prime Minister for his lack of legitimacy ?

Of course it is not difficult to see why the owners of the Brexit Press would not want to howl outrage . But what about all the thousands of journalists who are aware of the facts but silent ? And what are BBC’s 2000 journalist doing about safeguarding our democracy ?

All I hear is the Sound of Silence