Mrs May Runs Out Of Road

Mrs May’s favourite tactic of kicking the can down the road has caught up with her .

She has run out of road .

She now has to face the consequences of ploughing on regardless with a strategy that was flawed from the outset . She sought by delaying the so called meaningful vote , for no real reason other than to avoid defeat , to weaponise time against the House of Commons . Following a transparently coercive programme of ‘Alarming Reassurance ‘ she hoped to drive MP’s to her deal .

Deal is of course a misnomer . It’s no more than the terms of departure. On which she cannot secure agreement. We are no clearer about the Future State than we were 2 years ago .

This is her signal failure . Surrendering leverage by prematurely issuing notice to leave , painting contradictory Red Lines and , worst of all , for irredeemably flawed doctrinaire reasons elevating a fixation with ending freedom of movement above all else . Seldom can a Prime Minister have boasted so proudly of extinguishing her own citizens’ rights .

What she failed to recognise in her grim determination to plough on regardless was she was also running down the clock on herself .

Now she must face the result of kicking the can down the road at every opportunity.

She had an opportunity two years ago to follow a course to bring the country together, taking a path like the one Norway took when faced with a 52:48 result . Instead she chose to appease the Brexiteers who are now , as they always have been , irreconcilable.

Mrs May’s history demonstrates a long term struggle with strategy. The same flawed judgements run through both Windrush and Brexit .

Mrs May has run down the clock on herself .

There is no time now for her to throw the dice again .

Now is time to Revoke and Reflect .

Take the opportunity to Reclaim Our Future .

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